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Sorry for interruption. I'm a little doubtful this is really needed.
We can get "My Documents" path by following 5 lines of code.

import ctypes

dll = ctypes.windll.shell32
buf = ctypes.create_string_buffer(300)
dll.SHGetSpecialFolderPathA(None, buf, 0x0005, False)
print buf.value

And if this patch goes in, I'm using clipboard in my several python
scripts, is it also possible to add clipboard support?
(I implemented ocean/ under PYTHONPATH and now using it

# And, well, r60696 blocks me from building python on VC6, if this change
# (WINVER = 0x500) is required for this issue only, I'm happy if this
# would be reverted but... I cannot claim it loudly. I'm using win2000,
# and latest free compiler doesn't support it :-(
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