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*I'm not sure to understand what do you mean by "work tasks".*

They're low-priority tasks that need to get run sometime, but aren't
associated with an input source.  In ILU, we had a function called
"do_soon", and you could call it with a function that should be called
sometime in the near future.

*writing a poller suitable with epoll and kqueue*

Christian's patch looks interesting, in that respect.  I haven't applied it
to a codebase yet.


On Feb 4, 2008 2:00 PM, Giampaolo Rodola' <> wrote:

> Giampaolo Rodola' added the comment:
> I'm not sure to understand what do you mean by "work tasks".
> Do you need them to have ssl module work with asyncore?
> > I've been reading asyncore lately, and feel that it's showing its age.
> Absolutely. I'd have some ideas about some asyncore/chat enhancements,
> including writing a poller suitable with epoll and kqueue, but it seems
> there are not enough people who cares enough about asyncore.
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