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Author nnorwitz
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Date 2008-02-04.06:31:31
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I think sys is appropriate for clearing the cache.  Lib/test/
still has a reference to gc rather than sys.

Why do the CompactFreeList APIs return an int that is always 0?  Seems
like they should return a real value or be void.

I'm not sure why you changed the functions to keep a block_list_length.
 I doubt this API would be requested very often.  Seems like it would be
better to just calculate when necessary (or perhaps not even add the APIs).

The only issue I have with the patch is the casting in the printf calls.
 These can lose information.  On Win64, long is 32-bits, but size_t is
64-bits.  See PY_FORMAT_SIZE_T in Include/pyport.h for how to handle this.
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