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Date 2008-01-28.04:46:52
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Yeah, it took me a couple of months to do a reasonable test case for the SSL

Perhaps we could test against an existing NNTP server?  Like Google's?


On Jan 27, 2008 6:59 PM, Ray Chason <> wrote:

> Ray Chason added the comment:
> It seems that I, or whoever writes any future, would
> have to understand how existing tests such as work.  It
> looks like that one is setting up some kind of miniature mail server and
> accepting a connection on localhost -- neat trick, binding a server
> socket to port 0 so it still works if you have a real mail server running.
> Anyway, getting good coverage isn't something I can bang out in an
> afternoon.  Class NNTPBase and its derivatives (I'm talking post-patch
> of course) have lots of methods and I want to cover them as well as
> possible.
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