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Author dvarrazzo
Date 2006-09-27.11:07:24
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Hello, just a little idea i apply each time i install a
new Python version on Windows.

When files extensions are registered, ".py" extension
receives the description "Python File", while ".pyc",
".pyo" are described as "Compiled Python File". This
means that, when files are shown into an Explorer
window and sorted by file type, the compiled files
appear above the source files, while usually an user
wants to work with sources.

I usually change the file description to "Python file -
compiled", so that i can have the sources before the
.pyc's and in alphabetical order.

A bonus would be to have .pyw file appear before
sources, because they are supposed to be double-clicked
and having them at the top could be handy. They may be
described as "No Console Python File", for example.

my € 0.02
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