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Author kxroberto
Date 2006-04-24.09:40:31
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Very often I need (for logging purposes, legal
international action confirmation display, ...) quickly
a stable/constant/technical/international timezone info
in addition to %c / .asctime.  And find me regularly
checking if the computer/server displays %Z nice,
writing 10-liner funcs ...

found %z by trial (and in footnote)

yet time.strftime('%c %z') flickers (on Windows..)

think, %z can be computed very easily independent of OS
libs? time.altzone /% 3600 ... ==> "+/-HHMM" ?

that could be doc'ed.

( the sign of  time.timezone / time.altzone is
unfortunately revers of RFC standardds , yet its ok
doced. there should be a function/update-function for
long running apps also ? )

then .asctime_tz() would be very nice to find it in the
docs.  (and maybe asctime_TZ)

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