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Author kxroberto
Date 2006-04-24.10:39:57
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That error line in getpass should probably simply be
commented out?
Whats your sys.stdout.encoding ? (Probably not enough for
spanish chars as well)

The others will probably recommend to create

I'd say: Its a general trouble with Python that (console)
output encoding is in 'strict' mode by default. 
That crashes more apps, than it helps for discipline ...
And its hard even to grasp it and switch it for 'replace':
you'd need to replace sys.stdout with a custom formatter etc..

On MS Windows OS the MBCS conversion is kind of 'replace'
for good reason.  Even in Python on Win:
u"abc\u034adef".encode('mbcs') does replacing.

tty's,browser,windows,... and maybe most text mode files
(and even bin ones (latin1/replace?) ?) should not break.
The cases, where encoding should break strictly are
naturally cases where the programmer is aware (and puts the
conversion into strict mode expicitely)

"Python cannot print": Even a harmless 

>>> print u"abc\u034adef" 

throws an exception. That is questionable enough:

Maybe in future Python:
* encoding tuples should be accepted everywhere as
alternative to second argument: .encode((enc,error))
* text file's .encoding/.write_encoding=(xy,'replace') or
* bin file's .encoding=('latin1','strict')
* site(customize).py's defaultencoding should be/accept a
tuple ('ascii','replace')

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