Author wrstuden
Date 2006-01-06.19:23:52
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I want to use Python to script an existing application.
So I was trying the code on and
found it didn't work.

I am using pkgsrc on NetBSD.

I have run into two issues. First,
PyDict_GetAttrString() does not exist. I have found
this to be true for both Python 2.2 and 2.4, the two
versions I currently have installed.

I made the simple change to use
PyObject_GetAttrString(), which looks right.

Second, python can't find the module. I named the file, and it wouldn't load.

It turns out that I had to set PYTHONPATH in my
envirnment to make it work. Setting it to '' (empty
string) worked.

The odd thing about the path issue is that if I ran the
python interpreter, it was able to find the module w/o
my changing the environment.
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