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Author ncoghlan
Date 2004-09-27.11:23:21
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Although, now that I look at the relevant py-dev threads,
I'm not entirely sure what needs to be standardised.

Consider the following:
<type 'array.array'>
<type 'dict'>
< instance at 0xf6f8baac>
<unbound method foo.x>
<bound method foo.x of < instance at 0xf6f8bacc>>
<class ''>
< object at 0xf6f8baec>
<unbound method bar.x>
<bound method bar.x of < object at 0xf6f8bb0c>>
<function func at 0xf6f87294>

Which is the result of:
from array import array
class foo:
  def x(): pass
class bar(object):
  def x(): pass

def func(): pass

for obj in array, dict, foo, foo(), foo.x, foo().x, bar,
bar(), bar.x, bar().x, func:
    print obj

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