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Although the documentation of FeedParser states that "It will populate 
a message object's defects attribute with a list of any problems it 
found in a message." no defect is found in the test case I am about to 
upload. The message in the test case is broken because it specifies a 
Content-Transfer-Encoding that is not valid for multipart/* messages[1].

I've spent some time today looking at the parser and cannot see where 
the parser is doing anything with the Content-Transfer-Encoding of a 
multipart message, leading me to believe that there might be another 
bug here with regards to not honoring Content-Transfer-Encoding at all 
for multipart/* messages but I don't have any more time today to look 
at it, I'll have to go away and read the rfc really well.

If someone can guide me on how to get this test to pass then I can 
probably get a good test case and fix written for issue1823 as well.

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