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> I attached a patch with a more complete test of kqueue. It's not that
> great, but it's a thing. I've only tested on OS X, but it works.
A small unit test is better than no unit test :)

> Regarding the ability of building an epoll object from a fd, it might be
> usefull in some corner cases, but that's not a priority.

It should be trivial to add an epoll.fromfd() classmethod.

> exarkun looked at the patch and told me that there may be some
> threadsafety issues: for example, when calling epoll_wait, you use
> self->evs unprotected. It's not very important, but you may want to tell
> it in the documentation.

I found an interesting article about epoll. It states that epoll_wait() 
is thread safe. Ready lists of two parallel threds never contain the 
same fd.
It's easier to remove the buffer and allocate memory inside the wait() 
method than to add semaphores. It makes the code.

> As you started the rich comparison for kevent objects, it may be
> interesting to have full comparison (to sort list of events). It's not a
> high priority though.

What do you suggest as sort criteria?
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