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> Some remarks:
>  * the name of the function used for PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords in
> register, modify, unregister is set to control instead of the good name.


>  * there is a leak in pyepoll_new if the parsing of arguments fails.


>  * the indentation is sometimes tabs, sometimes spaces. That should be
> good to unify this (to tabs I guess, since the select module used tabs
> before).

Fixed except for switch() and goto. I find the 4 space indention of the
case and the goto lables easier to read.

>  * it seems there is an unrelated change in


>  * I don't think the stdlib unittest module has skip support. You have
> to find another way to skip the tests if the modules aren't present.

Fixed ;)

> I've been able to port the epollreactor to your implementation and run
> the whole twisted tests with it, so I don't think there are outstanding
> problems. The code is fairly simple anyway.
> That's it for epoll and general remarks. I'll look at kqueue asap. Thanks!

Thansk for the code review and your remarks. I've fixed the problems
locally. I've also fixed a problem in unregister when fd is already
closed and I'm using PyFile_AsFileDescriptor(). It supports ints and
objects with a fileno() method.

I'm waiting for your test of kqueue before I upload the patch.
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