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Some remarks:
 * the name of the function used for PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords in
register, modify, unregister is set to control instead of the good name.
 * there is a leak in pyepoll_new if the parsing of arguments fails.
 * the indentation is sometimes tabs, sometimes spaces. That should be
good to unify this (to tabs I guess, since the select module used tabs
 * it seems there is an unrelated change in
 * I don't think the stdlib unittest module has skip support. You have
to find another way to skip the tests if the modules aren't present.

I've been able to port the epollreactor to your implementation and run
the whole twisted tests with it, so I don't think there are outstanding
problems. The code is fairly simple anyway.

That's it for epoll and general remarks. I'll look at kqueue asap. Thanks!
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