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On 2007-12-17, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Christian Heimes added the comment:
> Hi Mark!
> In general the patch is fine but it has some small issues.
> * Your patches are all reversed. They remove (-) the new lines instead
> of adding (+) them. Why aren't you using svn diff > file.patch?

I didn't know about that. Have now used it.

> * You are mixing tabs with spaces. All 2.6 C files and most 3.0 C files
> are still using tabs.

Okay, have now switched to tabs.

> * You forgot about %f. For large values the format characters f and F
> are using the exponent display, too "%f" % 1e60 == '1e+60'

Good point; I now search for 'e' or 'E' in any number.

> * You cannot assume that char is unsigned. Use Py_CHARMAP(char) instead.
> I think that you can make the code more readable when you do format_char
> = tolower(Py_CHARMAP(format_char)); first.

I don't refer to format_char any more.

> * The code is not C89 conform. The standards dictate that you cannot
> declare a var in the middle of a block. New var must be declared right
> after the {

I didn't know that. I've now moved the variable declarations.

I've attached the diff you asked for, plus a diff for the
file -- and I've done the changes in relation to 2.6 trunk since there's
nothing 3.0-specific.

Hope this is now okay.
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