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Amaury Forgeot d'Arc wrote:
> I found that the huge font in menus is due to an error in the call to
> SystemParametersInfo.
> Digging more, vc2008 defines WINVER=0x0600, which corresponds to Windows
> Vista, and is too high for Windows XP: this value activates the
> definition of extra fields in the NONCLIENTMETRICS structure, and
> SystemParametersInfo on Windows XP will not accept a sizeof() greater
> than expected.

Wow, you are a genius! :)

> I recompiled tk, adding WINVER=0x500 to the command line:
> nmake /f COMPILERFLAGS=-DWINVER=0x0500
> And the menu is correctly displayed.
> I suggest to add this to the build_tkinter script.

Is 0x0500 fine for Windows 2000? Should we add WINVER=0x0500 to the
Python project files, too?

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