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Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:
> I do have an XP on multiboot.  I'm not very enthusiatic about learning 
> MS tools; the last time I built Python on W. was with VC5 in the days 
> when IDLE had a small C extension, later incorporated into Python.  If 
> the Tk 8.5/Tkinkter problem doesn't get fixed I suppose I'lll have to 
> attempt 
> it again.  Thanks for the link.

In the past it was a real pain in the ... to set up a build env. Since I
have created the PCbuild9 directory for VS 2008 and we decided to build
new builds with VS 2008 it is dead easy. You *just* need to install VS
2008 and no more extra SDKs. The free Express Edition of VS c++ 2008 is

All extra dependencies are in Python's SVN repository.

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