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Raghuram Devarakonda skrev:
> Raghuram Devarakonda added the comment:
> I don't think unittest automatically treats all exceptions as failures.
> Failures are those that are explicitly flagged with assert* and fail*
> methods. All other exceptions result in "errors". I think what you are
> asking for is to special case one such error but am not sure if it is
> worth it.
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You are right, I used the wrong word.  I mean that NotImplementedError 
should be treated as a special *error*.

If you have ever written the test cases before you write the code, you 
will get a huge amount of uninteresting output from
errors that come from tests to code you havn't written yet. This will 
drown the real errors and failures from the code
you are actually testing and debugging. What I want is to have unittest 
report these differently so that I can see what are the
real bugs the code, not
to spam me with tracebacks I will never look at for test cases that 
refer to not implemented code.

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