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There are several problems that cause us can't build python with vs 

1. some libraries are outdated.

for example, tcl8.4.12, tk8.4.12. Just download a newer version will 
resolve this problem.

I think it's better to upgrade bdb too, so i select bdb 4.6.21.

upgrade bzip to 1.0.4

upgrade openssl to 0.9.9g

It's not convenient to build sqlite-3.5.2, so we just download a binary 
version from it's official site.

2. more detail on build these libraries
generally, you can follow the guide in PCbuild/readme.txt. but there 
are thing you need to pay attention to .

For Tix8.4.2, we should create a python.mak for it, and make a patch on User also need to 'set MSVCDIR=%VCINSTALLDIR%' in cmd 

For bdb-4.6.21, I can't upgrade dsw to sln with the command:
	devenv db-4.6.21\build_windows\Berkeley_DB.dsw /Upgrade
instead, open dsw in VS 2005 IDE, convert and save it.

to build openssl, as the guide said, we can use in 
PCbuild. but we need to move, build_ssl.bat and _ssl.mak 
to PCbuild8, and make a little modification.

3. make pcbuild.sln work properly.
some options are missed in pcbuild.sln and it's projects. we need to 
edit pyproject.vsprops and etc. 

I can't make make_versioninfo work at first, and then i found that may 
have relationship with SxS(Side by Side, manifest), I run the resource 
wizard and did'nt add resource, but the wizard create resource.h 
and .rc file, after i build the project, it work correctly. 

4. output directory changed
build python25 in x86 with debug mode, the *.lib, *.dll, *.pyd etc will 
be placed in win32debug. to make, I calculate the output 
directory add it to LIBPATH.

Finally, I changed the readme.txt in PCbuild8, so you can follow the 
newer guide.
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