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Date 2007-11-07.21:42:58
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There is an error in urllib2 when doing a POST request to a URI that
responds with a 302 redirection. The problem is in, where
the HTTPRedirectHandler creates the new Request based on the original one:

            newurl = newurl.replace(' ', '%20')
            return Request(newurl,

The issue is that when it creates the new request, it uses the old
headers (which contain a content-length header, remember that we
originally sent a POST!) but doesn't use the same post-data from the
original request (in fact it doesn't use any post-data). So, when the
new request is sent, urllib2 sends something like:

====START Request=====
GET http://f00/1.php HTTP/1.1
Content-length: 63
Accept-encoding: identity
Accept: */*
Host: f00
Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

==== END REQUEST ===

The server waits some time for the post-data that is advertised in
"Content-length: 63" but it never arrives, so the connection is closed
and urllib2 timeouts.

There are two different solutions to this issue, implementing one is
enough to solve it:
1) when creating the new request, remove the content length header
2) when creating the new request, add the post-data of the old request

I think that the solution 1) is the most RFC-compliant solution. I coded
a small patch for of python2.5 that solves this issue, the
patch simply adds a line that removes the cl header:

            newurl = newurl.replace(' ', '%20')
            return Request(newurl,
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