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Author amaury.forgeotdarc
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Date 2007-11-06.00:39:57
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Yes, the patch is needed.
The problem arises when you run the python executable in different ways
WITHOUT deleting the .pyc files.

Example on my machine: Note that the exact path to run python is not the

>cd C:\dev\python\py3k\PCbuild8
>del /s ..\*.pyc
>c:\dev\python\py3k\PCbuild8\win32debug\python_d.exe -E -tt
../lib/test/ -v test_inspect
[test OK]
>C:\dev\python\py3k\PCbuild8\win32debug\python_d.exe -E -tt
../lib/test/ -v test_inspect
[test FAILED]

If I always use the same path the tests succeed.
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