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Date 2007-09-02.09:31:39
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Martin, you are right: is is related to compiler optimization. I have
boiled it down to a call of stringlib_find (defined in
Python-2.5.1/Objects/stringlib/find.h) and this runs fine with 'icc -O2'
but incorrectly for 'icc -O3'. (The test code is attached.)

So, it seems that the lesson is simply once again: Do not use '-O3' with
Intel's C compiler. (At least, for me, it is not the first time that
this caused trouble.)

On the other hand, Python's ./configure script is quite clear in its
preference of GCC, anyway: It more or less ignores with option
'--without-gcc' and uses the content of the CC environment variable only
very occasionally.
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