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Does the existing python SSL implementation allow it to be used over
something other than a socket?  If so then yes that makes sense, but
otherwise its best to leave its inheritance from socket.error so that
code that works when handed a regular socket can work over an SSL
socket without knowing the difference.

fwiw, regarding this bug the last comment I heard from guido on the
python-dev list was that socket.error should at least be a subclass of
EnvironmentError.  I'm still a fan of having it a subclass of IOError
myself for similar reason as above (things already written to use a
file object as a stream could use a socket object and still handle
errors properly; most code check for IOError rather than
EnvironmentError if for no reason other than IOError is easier to type
and easier to read and understand what it means)

On 8/25/07, Bill Janssen <> wrote:
> Bill Janssen added the comment:
> It's not clear to me that having the SSL errors inherit from socket.error
> is a good idea.  Many of them have nothing to do with the socket, but are
> errors in choice of cipher, certificate validation, etc.
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