Author syfou
Date 2006-07-24.16:44:01
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> Have you published this on the Python Cheese Shop?

If did not; without being trivial, I felt this was both
generic and useful enough to be worth the inclusion into the
base library; I managed to miss the feature freeze on python
2.5 -- sorry about that... 

I don't mind submitting it to the Python Cheese Shop, if it
is the right track to have it eventually committed to Python
code base; miniconf having virtually no collateral impact on
the rest of the code, it is indeed perfectly suitable for
distribution as a standalone module for both the 2.4.x and
incoming 2.5.x Python interpreters.

I don't mind either waiting for the end of the feature
freeze, keeping the module up to date as needed against any
new code. I am foreign to the development cycle of Python --
do you know what will be the next window of opportunity?
Into the incoming 2.5 tree when it will be out of the
freeze? Into python 2.6? 
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