Author tim.peters
Date 2004-12-02.02:50:56
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Sorry, I really don't see a point to this.  The claim that slicing 
doesn't work is unbelievable on two counts:

1. If someone has a datetime object D, and wants, e.g.,
   the year, they don't do str(D), try to slice out the year
   digits, then convert them to an int(!) -- they just do
   D.year.  Same for the other members (including

2. Slicing works anyway.  For example, str(D)[:4] gets
   the year digits regardless of D.microsecond.  str(D)[17:]
   gets the seconds likewise, and float(str(D)[17:]) gets
   the number of seconds as a float regardless of whether
   D.microsecond is 0.

If you want D without microseconds, the intended way to do 
it is one of:

a) Don't set microseconds if you don't want microseconds;

or, if you're stuck with unwanted microseconds,

b) Use D.replace(microsecond=0) to get a copy of D
   but with microsecond forced to 0.

The current behavior is by design, and documented, so won't 
be changed regardless.

I'm somewhere between -1 and -0 on complicating signatures 
to give a shortcut for something that's rarely needed and 
easy to get anyway.
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