Author brett.cannon
Date 2004-12-01.22:07:51
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OK, look at it in terms of math; trailing zeros are almost always 
truncated from numbers because they are superfluous.  The same is 
happening here; the superfluous zeros after the decimal are just being 

And you can also just as easily detect if there are no trailing zeros and 
tack them on if you prefer::

iso =
if '.' not in iso: iso = '%s.000000' % iso

Because the docs clearly state this behavior I am changing this to a 
feature request for Python 2.5 .

But I do understand the desire to make parsing easier.  If Tim Peters is 
okays the API change I will patch it to take an optional argument which 
will force a microsecond output.  But personally I am -0 on the option.

You listening by any chance, Tim?
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