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Author josiahcarlson
Date 2004-09-10.23:18:52
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(sorry it took me a few days to get back to you, I am on a
contract deadline crunch...just taking a break now)

The *HTTPServer heirarchy is interesting in its own right,
but really, each piece in the heirarchy adds functionality.
 A similar thing can be said of asyncore and all the modules
that derive from it (asynchat, *HTTPServer, *XMLRPCServer,
smtpd, etc.).

In this case, since the struct module is already in C and
the functions are not subclassable, creating another module
that parses strings and sends pieces off to struct for
actual decoding seems like a waste of a module, especially
when the change is so minor.  Now, binascii is being used in
such a fashion by uu and binhex, but that is because
binascii is the data processing component, where uu and
binhex make a 'pretty' interface.  Struct doesn't need a
pretty interface, it is already pretty.  Though as I have
said before, I think it could use this small addition.
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