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Author customdesigned
Date 2003-08-26.03:57:05
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Here is a proposed fix for email.Util.unquote (except it
should test for a 'strict' mode flag, which is current only
in Parser):

def unquote(str):
    """Remove quotes from a string."""
    if len(str) > 1:
        if str.startswith('"'):
          if str.endswith('"'):
            str = str[1:-1]
          else: # remove garbage after trailing quote
            try: str = str[1:str[1:].index('"')+1]
            except: return str
          return str.replace('\\\\', '\\').replace('\\"', '"')
        if str.startswith('<') and str.endswith('>'):
            return str[1:-1]
    return str

Actually, I replaced only email.Message._unquotevalue for my
application to minimize the impact.  That would also be a
good place to check for a STRICT flag stored with the
message object.  Perhaps the Parser should set the Message
_strict flag from its own _strict flag. 
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