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Author doko
Date 2002-08-31.08:59:32
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Ok, I'll give --fhs-prefix a try. some questions:

- the lib_python in getpath.c hardcodes lib/pythonX.Y to 
search for the libraries. Is it enouogh to set PYTHONPATH to 

- who to ask for distutils? are there concerns if a 
module/library is splitted over two directories? Or should there 
symlinks from /usr/lib/pythonX.Y to /usr/share/pythonX.Y?

- currently there is only one site-packages directory. how 
should two site-packages be supported (lib and share)?

- speaking of etc: this is a configuration file and should belong 
into the etc hierarchy. should etc be searched before or after 
the library directories?

Python's include files: not all packages separate platform 
specific headers from generic headers, probably therefore the 
FHS puts them in /usr/include.
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