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Author andy-chu
Date 2007-06-27.05:35:24
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Nick, I've updated the code to use a new runpy.run_zip function, which calls run_module.  This does make it a bit cleaner.

Let me know what you think.  If the code is good I'll write some tests and documentation.

Also, I'm not sure if the '-c' is really appropriate in sys.argv, but that seems to be what the -m flag uses.  It seems like it might make sense to have sys.argv[0] be the zip file, if it is really a first class executable.

And I think a script to build one of these files would be appropriate, which I can add.  You could pass it the main module and main function, and it would generate a __zipmain__ stub and add it to the zip file.  And it is a good idea if the file is cross platform, so a .pyz extension would work.

Sorry the delayed response, I was a bit busy at work this week... but I'll respond sooner this time. : )


andychu trunk$ testdata/ foo bar
__name__: __main__
argv: ['-c', 'foo', 'bar']
andychu trunk$ echo $?

File Added: runzip7.diff
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