Author miathan6
Date 2007-03-16.08:57:45
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Yes, I will add some tests and docs, although usage is quite straightforward. That's the main reason also for adding this distribution, it has three parameters which are intuitive (left, center and right) the distribution is just a linear interpolation (P(left)=0 and P(center)=1 and P(right)=0 ).

I am writing an event simulation and I added it because I was missing some kind of assymetric distribution for timings; in an uniform distribution t-x and t+y would be just as likely as t, in a gaussian distribution you can only set sigma but not the upper and lower bound.

With all the other distributions in there I thought it might come in handy for other people too. I also believe it has its uses in sound generation/processing.

Sorry for providing a patch against 2.3 and not 2.5 or higher, I cooked it up at work and it seems I have this ancient version here.
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