Author jorend
Date 2007-04-20.21:45:07
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koder_ua, what's the history useful for?  I'm not against it... exactly... it just seems like I would never use it.  If I did want a history of HTTP activity, I would need to maintain it myself.  I wouldn't want it tied to a particular object--these urlopen() objects, typically you open them, read them, and then throw them away.

I'm iffy on the API for 2) as well, but I can see the appeal.

The thing is... this patch is really, really rough.  In one of the tests, an attribute is called "sended_hdrs" in one place and "sended_headers" in another.  (Actually it should be called "request_headers".  Likewise "recived" and "res" should each be spelled "response".)  The whitespace isn't PEP 8.  It's also missing a doc patch.

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