Author jyzude
Date 2007-03-06.06:38:52
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Hi collin,

* I improved testMixIntsAndLongs. It now asserts things
* assert is banished, replaced by the correct calls
* the reason why callLst is global is because I have to track calls to __getitem__ in some cases. Because of this, if I put callLst on the object I end up with horrible recursive loops, or at the very least the last call on the stack will always be __getitem__ when I get the list to inspect.
* assertLastCall only checks the last thing on the list because generally the thing called before that is always __getitem__ or associated magic. I don't want my tests to be bound to the  internals of __getitem__. All I care about is that ultimately the right function was called. That said, I modified assertLastCallWas to erase the callLst to prevent any possible bleed-over from the previous test.

Let me know if you have further suggestions.
File Added: test_class.patch
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