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Author larry
Date 2007-01-12.04:32:06
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Just fixed the build under Linux--sorry, should have done that before posting the original patch.  Patches now built and tested under Win32 and Linux, and produce the same output as an unpatched py3k trunk.

lemburg: A minor correction: the full "lazy strings" patch (with "lazy slices") also touches "stringlib/partition.h", "stringlib/readme.txt", and "Objects/stringobject.c", in addition to the two unicodeobject.* files.  The changes to these three files are minuscule, and don't affect their maintainability, so the gist of my statements still hold.  (Besides, all three of those files will probably go away before Py3k ships.)
File Added: lch.py3k.unicode.lazy.slice.and.concat.patch.53392.txt
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