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Date 2007-06-03.23:20:00
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"1. Specifying --build should not be necessary, as it should default to"


"2. what are the implications of AC_CHECK_TOOLS wrt. the current
AC_CHECK_PROGS invocations?"

AC_CHECK_TOOLS checks for TARGET-PROG, so it uses the proper cross
compile tools.

"There is a lot of logic to determine the C++ compiler...  "

Good point. This uses AC_CHECK_TOOLS too now.

"3. should we include config.sub? Can we share it easily with the libffi
one? Where do I get the most recent version of it?"

config.sub comes from autoconf, and if libffi uses it, it should be
the same one.

It's a bad idea to put generated files in SVN, as is done now; the
same holds for the toplevel configure.  Standard practice is to
include an script that will invoke the correct
autoconf/automake/aclocal/acheader/etc. voodoo to generate the

"4. Where does the mapping of system names from -dumpmachine come from?
What would need to be done to eliminate this altogether? What about

The mapping has to be maintained by someone.  It's not very elegant,
but then again, there are some arbitrary mappings in in
the native build for ac_sys_release. IMO it would be better to do away
with this completely and use the autoconf/config.sub naming

"5. Isn't there some autoconf way for detecting a C compiler for the build
system? It shouldn't default to 'cc'."

I'm not aware of any; what do you think the default should be, if not
cc?  (There is AC_PROG_CC, but that will look for the X-compiler).

"6. I don't think the "skipping import check" warning is needed. Just
silently don't perform this check."

OK. - note that there are several other "skipping import check"
messages, for cygwin and Carbon.

"7. What is the meaning of CROSS_TARGET? In some place, it is used like
sys.platform (so it should take one of the possible values for
sys.platform), in, it is set to ac_sys_system.  I think you
should just use MACHDEP here."

Good point. I changed this.

"8. Why is /usr/local/lib excluded when cross-compiling? Please add a
comment (likewise for lib64)"

/usr/local/lib/ in general contains libraries for the build system,
not the target system. Linking them in will either generate bogus
linker errors ("wrong architecture binary") or worse create a module
which isn't loadable on the target platform, because the library is
missing there.

I've added a more generic mechanism, which filters include_dirs so
they can only start with $CROSS_ROOT.  Something similar should really
be applied to the linker directories, but I'm not sure which variable
to modify.

"Otherwise, it looks fine; I haven't been able to test it yet, though."

I've added some more information.  If you want to get a cross-compile
environtment, you could do

  mkdir gub ; cd gub ; git init ; git pull git:// gub:
  make -f lilypond.make PLATFORMS="freebsd-x86" cross-compilers

this will leave a cross compiler in

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