Author jiwon
Date 2006-08-31.21:03:12
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>>  * it looks like a bunch of lines had whitespace, but no
>> other changes.  this makes it hard to see the real changes.

I changed some tabs in ast_for_argument function to spaces -
tabs and spaces are mixed, and it's hard to edit. It would
have been nice if I separate that white space conversion
into another patch, but since it's p3yk branch I thought it
can be allowed.

>> when you say it passes all tests, did you run with -u all?
>> the compiler doesn't do all the tests without it (and one
>> or
>> two other tests too).

Yup, it passes all the tests except test_frozen and because my box doesn't have
audio device..?) and some skipped tests including, etc

>> in the new test, i think you need to pass a name for the
>> filename param to compile.  I think there was some platform
>> (windows?) that crapped out with an empty filename.  (if you
>> copied from an existing test, then i must be remembering
>> something different.)

Yeah, I copied it from, but now I'm passing a
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