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Author loewis
Date 2006-06-29.18:16:46
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A number of remarks:

1. would you like to see the demo applications included as
well? They could go somewhere into Demo. If so, please
prepare the patch as a single tar/zip file that unpacks on
top of a Python source tree.

2. The doc string refers to the module as xturtle, and says
it replaces turtle. If the module becomes turtle, this
remark becomes self-referential. Please update the doc
string accordingly.

3. Somebody should investigate the rationale for
re-exporting math in the current If that
rationale is still valid, the new module should comply.

4. The module should grow an __all__ attribute.

5. _Vec does not appear to be a general vector class, but be
restricted to 2D cartesian coordinates. It should be
renamed. Perhaps to "Point?"

6. Try to follow PEP 8, in particular, drop camelCase for
method names.

7. Avoid passive voice for doc strings; use active voice
instead (e.g. addshape: "Adds a turtle" -> "Add a turtle")

8. What happens to the n= argument of clear()?

9. What is the purpose/status of checkargs? Do you want to
keep it or drop it?

10. There are some German doc strings left (e.g. _rotate).
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