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Author bobince
Date 2006-05-30.16:20:58
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No probs and ta!


I've got more altered icons, attached and at . Sorry
for the inconvenience - pretty sure these are 'final'.

The problem with the old files? Well it seems there's a bug
in Windows that can cause redraw errors on 32-bit
alpha-blended XP icons. I can't find any doc on this at all,
but from experiment it seems that it can occur when icons
are partially redrawn instead of drawn all at once. This is
most easily provoked by slowly dragging a window on top of
an Explorer window in Tiles/Icons/List mode, to reveal the
icon underneath.

It looks to be an arithmetic overflow in compositing: when a
nearly-transparent white pixel being plotted onto pure white
background in this partial-redraw code, a black pixel can
unexpectedly result, with poor-looking results. (Thanks,

I've hacked the bitmaps to avoid places where they're
white-and-transparent enough to be able to provoke this
aggravating occasional behaviour. Also while I'm at it, I've
removed the 256 colour 48x48 icons, since it saves a few K
and there's almost no practical case where they're of benefit.

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