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Author bobince
Date 2006-05-26.02:50:23
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> I put a demo installer containing them

Seems to work OK. The thanks at the end still attributes the
graphic to Erik though; I'm not after an ack there myself,
but changing the text to not imply the current graphic is
his one may be appropriate.

> baselogo.svg; I assume this is a source file

Yes. This is just the Python logo itself (the gradient
version as used on the new website), in vector format.

> icons.svgz; can't figure out what this is

Same as source.xar, but exported as W3C standard SVG format
for wider compatibility [compressed, hence the 'z'].

Unfortunately because SVG cannot reproduce some of effects
used, and because the SVG export path is currently quite
bad, it's not really directly usable, but it might be of use
to anyone who wants to hack on the graphics but doesn't use

> source.xar; not sure either

This is the primary vector graphics source of the icons -
the other SVG and PNG files are just there because other
people requested them.

It's in Xara format, a previously proprietary graphics
application which has now gone open-source and is heading
rapidly towards being usable on Linux, but isn't quite there

> a directory called png, with many png file - I expect
> that these aren't source files, are they?

Nope, they're just exactly the same content as in the
(with-vista) .ico files, just supplied as PNG for anyone who
wants to fiddle with them in a more accessible bitmap format.
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