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Author bobince
Date 2006-05-17.16:59:50
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Following positive discussion on -dev, here's the
updated version of the PC/py*.ico files I hacked up a
while ago.

The attachment is a ZIP, not a patch, as it contains
only binaries. Also available as tgz:

Also possibly of interest:

This attachment contains only the simple replacement
files; the icons3 ZIP also contains:

  - source
  - versions including Windows Vista large icons
    (probably not worth including at this point as they're
    quite sizable and no-one is using Vista yet)
  - an egg icon
    (there is currently no installer/shell support for
    but could be worth adding in future)
  - a new installer side banner
    (this has not currently seen any discussion on -dev,
    but may be worth considering if the intention is to
    leave behind the purple/green snake branding)
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