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Author nnorwitz
Date 2007-03-20.06:42:23
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It looks like Tru64 does have some version of chflags, however, it is undocumented and apparently causes  python to exit.  It is at least one of the reasons for the recent buildbot failures:

That doesn't really tell the whole story, but I logged on to the machine and ran the test, after modifying unittest to flush the stream, sigh :-( and got this:

ringneck:/net/cci/nnorwitz/python/trunk.norwitz-tru64/nn-work-build % ./python -E -tt ./Lib/test/ -v test_posix
testNoArgFunctions (test.test_posix.PosixTester) ... ok
test_access (test.test_posix.PosixTester) ... ok
test_chdir (test.test_posix.PosixTester) ... ok
test_chflags (test.test_posix.PosixTester) ... Bad system call
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