Author tim.peters
Date 2006-04-22.05:46:47
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The patch applies cleanly on WinXP, "and works" (I checked
this by setting various stack sizes, spawning a thread doing
nothing but a raw_input(), and looking at the VM size under
Task Manager while the thread was paused waiting for input
-- the VM size went up each time roughly by the stack-size
increase; finally set stack_size to 0 again, and all the
"extra" VM went away).

Note that Python C style for defining functions puts the
function name in the first column.  For example,

static int
_pythread_nt_set_stacksize(size_t size)

instead of

static int _pythread_nt_set_stacksize(size_t size)

The patch isn't consistent about this, and perhaps it's
errenously ;-) aping bad style in surrounding function

This should really be exposed via  `thread` is
increasingly "just an implementation detail" of `threading`,
and it actually felt weird to me to write a test program
that had to import `thread`.
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