Author loewis
Date 2006-04-10.15:09:24
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re 1) Currently, the usage of the stacksize attribute is
depending on the definition of a THREAD_STACK_SIZE macro. I
don't know where that comes from, but I guess whoever
defines it knows what he is doing, so that the stacksize
attribute is defined on such a system.

re 2) I can accept that Python enforces a minimum above
PTHREAD_STACK_MIN; it shouldn't be possible to set the stack
size below PTHREAD_STACK_MIN, since that *will* fail when a
thread is created.

-1 for an environment variable version. What problem would
that solve? If this patch gets implemented, applications can
define their own environment variables if they think it
helps, and users/admins can put something in if they think there should be an
environment variable controlling the stack size for all
Python applications on the system.
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