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Author ncoghlan
Date 2006-02-12.03:29:54
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I've attached a zip archive of the directory tree I've been
using to check that the runpy module works correctly. For
each of these command lines:

python -m runpy_demo.test
python -m runpy_demo.pkg.test
python -m runpy_demo.pkg.pkg.test
python -m runpy_demo.pkg.zip_pkg.test

The message "Running runpy_demo.test" should then print to
the console (with the second part of the message changing as
appropriate for the other 3 modules).

The last one obviously won't work if zlib isn't installed,
and all 4 require that both runpy and runpy_demo be on
sys.path (e.g in site-packages, or in the Lib directory).

On older Python versions (or without applying the patch),
invoking runpy directly is enough to make it work

python -m runpy runpy_demo.test
python -m runpy runpy_demo.pkg.test
python -m runpy runpy_demo.pkg.pkg.test
python -m runpy runpy_demo.pkg.zip_pkg.test

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