Author arigo
Date 2006-01-14.09:54:56
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Provided this can be done with no measurable performance hit,
I guess that I'm fine with the idea.  The patch needs a bit
more work, though: I don't see why it should accept dict
subclasses as globals but not arbitrary mappings (as it now
does for the locals).  This is mainly an issue of removing
a few checks in various places, like EXEC_STMT and the eval()
and execfile() built-ins.

There is a missing exception check/clear in the part about
LOAD_NAME, after the PyObject_GetItem(f->f_globals, w).

A side note: in the current trunk already, LOAD_GLOBAL
contains a couple of checks, namely PyString_CheckExact()
and hash != -1.  We might be able to prove in advance that
these two conditions are always true.  We could then remove
the checks.  Not sure the difference measurable, though.
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