Author titanstar
Date 2006-02-19.13:35:35
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It avoids generating constant objects with sizes above 20 (in a similar fashion 
as the bytecode peepholer), and checks whether the operand of unary minus 
is non-zero in order to avoid changing -0.0.

As for the bytecode peephole optimizer, this AST constant folder performs 
quite similar optimizations, but optimizes partially constant and/or and 
comparative expressions in addition. This patch should however not be seen 
as a replacement for the bytecode constant folder, but rather as a 
complement. An optimizing compiler typically contains many forms of 
constant folding in the different phases of compilation, since many later 
optimizations benefit from constant folding (warranting early constant 
folding), and some optimizations might emit code that benefit from constant 
folding again (warranting late constant folding). For an example of the 
former, consider the statement

if 1-1: some_code()

both passes are able to transform this into

if 0: some_code()

but since the AST constant folder is run before the dead code eliminator at 
<>, these two together are able to optimize 
the if statement away altogether.

Note that this patch probably won't apply cleanly anymore, since it was 
written three months ago and the AST code has undergone quite a few 
changes since then. But if there is interest in applying this patch, I'll gladly 
update it for the current trunk.
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