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Author skip.montanaro
Date 2005-10-19.02:46:18
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Recent changes to xmlrpclib provided improved support for
datetime objects.  This patch improves that by adding
support for comparison of xmlrpclib.DateTime objects with
datetime.{datetime,date,time} objects.

On the Mojam web server I run with an xmlrpclib module
that is close to what Python 2.5 will have, though I
use Python 2.3.4.  The datetime support breaks the
antispam BadContent support in MoinMoin's security
policy because datetime objects and xmlrpclib.DateTime
objects can't be compared.  I believe this patch
should solve that (though I haven't had time to test that
yet).  I've added new test cases to check support for
comparing datetime.{datetime,date} objects with DateTime 
objects.  I still need to add a test case to check support
for comparing datetime.time objects.

I believe something like this needs to go in 2.5 (maybe
this should have been a bug report instead of patch).

All Python test cases pass.
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