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Author pboddie
Date 2005-09-26.00:45:48
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On environment variables, here's a thread discussing them: 
The discussion ranges from environment variables referring 
to the desktop (DESKTOP) and a launcher 
(DESKTOP_LAUNCH) or some kind of information program 
(DESKTOP_CTL), all the way to such variables 
referencing .so files which are then dlopened. The 
abstraction elevator/escalator is thankfully stopped before 
things get any more complicated. 
A previous thread (mentioned in the above thread) 
proposes the DESKTOP variable and the alternative 
DESKTOP_OPEN variable: 
The above thread continues here, proposing DESKTOP 
again along with a desktop-open script, later shifting to 
some people favouring DESKTOP_LAUNCH and some 
favouring a desktop-launch script: 
A standards document mentioned in the last thread: 
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