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Author pboddie
Date 2005-09-24.16:33:55
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Configuring KDE to open different types of files requires 
some magic that I don't fully understand. Nevertheless, I 
find that if I create a shell script with executable 
permissions then "kfmclient exec" will run that script, 
whereas "kfmclient openURL" will ask whether I want to run 
it first. That said, "kfmclient exec" probably has closer 
semantics to the win32-supported os.startfile function. 
I've uploaded a new version of the module which returns 
the process identifier, along with some exception handling 
around os.startfile. 
See this page for related discussion of KDE and GNOME 
application launching: 
See this thread for upcoming standards: 
See this page for details of such standards: 
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