Author rblank
Date 2004-09-25.10:51:22
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I don't think so. Basically, the patch changes the following:
 - Adds a class SkippedException to the unittest module
 - Adds a skipped attribute to TestResult, containing the list of skipped 
tests, and an addSkipped() method to add to the list.
 - Catches the SkippedException in TestCase.__call__()
 - Adds skip() and skipIf() to TestCase
 - Modifies _TextTestResult and TextTestRunner to report skipped tests 
*only if there are any*

I see two potential problems:
 - Test runners based on (or using the output of) TextTestRunner. I've 
taken care that the output is unchanged if there are no skipped tests.
 - Code that uses repr() of a TestResult, as I extended it to always report 
skipped tests. I think this would be bad practice anyway.

However, to use the test-skipping functionality, custom test runners will 
obviously need to be extended to report skipped tests.

OTOH, I don't have a big test codebase to check. I read that e.g. Zope is 
using unittest. Maybe I can try to run their test suite with the patched I'll check.
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