Author xudong888
Date 2006-01-06.10:57:57
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Thank you for your rapid answer.But I still can't solve my 
question.I can't find the whole instructions. Can you give 
me the whole instructions by EMAIL,my email is,thanks.
My "host" system is mips embbed_linux,the release of the 
linux kernel is 2.4.xx and the CPU type is MIPS 4Kc.There 
are no python installed on this system.My "build" system is 
i86 and operate system is RedHat9.0,and has installed 
python2.4.1 and cross-compiling Tools mipsel-linux-gcc.I 
can cross compile C program for the "host" system.I have 
writed some program with python language.I can get the 
binary from python script by use on the "build" 
system. Now I want to run the binary on the "host" 
system.Can you tell me how should I do.
in addition,I don't know what parameter I should input to 
use this patch.
finally,I'm sorry for my poor English.I like python very 
much,but I can't get help in chinese.
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